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Drew Dunlop's Story

"Before I can tell you what The Pro Lane does, I need to explain who it’s for.

As I attempt to put into words what we do and how we do it, I am envisioning the underrated player that is desperately seeking an edge. The ones who go all-in on self-improvement. The dedicated players who spend every waking moment thinking about, working out, and playing this great game. They are obsessed with getting that next contract, moving up levels, and getting more opportunities in a game where everyone doubts your impact. They are desperate to get results, to stand out, to be better. They have an audacious belief in themselves and are willing to endure the suffering even though they feel like no one sees them.

If any of this resonates with you, then you are just like me. I was exactly you as a player except I didn’t have a place like The Pro Lane. I had to figure things out by myself and that cost me time, energy, money and injuries. As a former gym rat turned coach, I want to spotlight my failures, my wins, and everything else in between so that you can learn from them, take what you can, and do better.


While we officially opened in April of 2020, the idea of The Pro Lane originated in an uber ride while in Manila in 2015. I was there as a consultant working with a bunch of college and professional teams and my days were spent commuting from one gym to the next, spending hours at a time in Uber rides. I saw the value in a one-stop shop for players to come to for their strength workouts, skill development, and recovery.


Fast forward to the present, and we are growing by the week. None of this is possible without the support of our players, their parents, and the community.


My only goal is to give back to a game that has given me so much.


We put a spotlight on the underrated and build upon their love of the game."

Coach Drew

Keith Kahlfeldt's Story

"My love for the game of basketball started at a young age when I started playing organized ball at the age of five years old. I had great success throughout my youth career playing for school teams and AAU travel ball in the greater Milwaukee area. As I started to get older, I was always very skilled, but physically I struggled to stay healthy and reach my peak in athleticism and strength.


I attended Eisenhower High School where I started on varsity for three years and won numerous awards and allocates such as being selected to numerous all conference, all area team, and all county team selections. Throughout high school I suffered from chronic jumpers knee, foot problems, and back problems that always left me feeling like I was not reaching my maximum potential. I was also recruited by all levels while playing at Eisenhower including the D1, D2, D3, and Junior College Levels.


I decided to attend D3 Concordia University Wisconsin to continue my career in college. Throughout my career I would help lead my team to a conference championship, I won multiple all conference awards, started 3 years, won D3 national player of the week my senior year, and ended up being the school’s 5th all-time leading scorer.


Although it was a successful career, it was plagued with constant injuries that limited my ability to play to my full potential throughout my career. I never had guidance on the correct way to train, take care of myself, and ultimately reach my full potential.


My love for development and training has been present my whole life.  After dealing with injuries my whole career and never feeling that I reached my full potential physically, I decided to work to be the person I needed most that I never had when I played.


With 8+ years of experience and over 10+ certifications/credentials I now specialize in strength and conditioning for basketball players at the pro, college, and youth levels. I have trained athletes at all levels including the NBA, Overseas Pros, G-League, NCAA, NAIA, High School, and Youth levels.


My unique approach routed in sports science will take the guesswork out of training and help you reach your full potential in the weight room and on the court.

Coach Keith 

Our Team

Drew Dunlop


Directed the pre-draft process for Tyler Herro - Miami Heat 

Coached at the Nike China Lebron James Beijing Camp

Coached three years in the Chinese Basketball Association (CBA)

Coaching consultant in the Philippines Basketball Association (PBA)


Keith Kahlfeldt

 Director of Performance  

• Experience training NBA and Overseas professionals

• Experience training College/High School/Middle School/Grade School athletes

• Consultant / Trainer for college and high school level teams in WI

• 6+ Years of training experience

• American College of Sports Medicine Certified

Jake Grossmann


• Experience with NBA, Overseas Professionals, College, and High School athletes

• Directed individual and small group training for Jordanian national team players

• Skills Consultant, Chinese Basketball Association (CBA)

• NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach​

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Take your skills to the next level.

We look forward to helping you on your basketball journey!

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