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About The Pro Lane

We know the fight for playing time and recognition is a struggle at every level of the game. You consistently put in the hard work doing late nights, early mornings. You sacrifice sleep, time, and hanging with your friends and family for the love of this game. The problem is, so does your competition. They work hard and sacrifice everything on the same grind.


You need an edge — something to help you stand out and separate yourself from the others. The Pro Lane was developed to give you that edge. It is your blueprint for outworking your competition and advancing towards your dreams. We've helped hundreds of players from all corners of the world transform their practice repetitions into game day results. 

This is your story, your dream.

Our Team

Herro Camp.JPG

Drew Dunlop Co-Founder

  • Directed the pre-draft process for Tyler Herro - Miami Heat 

  • Coached at the Nike China Lebron James Beijing Camp

  • Coached three years in the Chinese Basketball Association (CBA)

  • Served as a coaching consultant in the Philippines Basketball Association (PBA)


Jake Grossmann Co-Founder

  • Experience with NBA, Overseas Professionals, College and High School athletes

  • Directed individual and small group training for Jordanian national team players.

  • Skills Consultant, Chinese Basketball Association (CBA)

  • NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach​


Keith Kahlfeldt Head Performance Trainer

  • Experience training NBA, Overseas Professionals, College, High School, Middle School, and Grade School athletes

  • Consultant / Trainer for numerous college and high school level teams in WI

  • 6+ Years of training experience

  • American College of Sports Medicine Certified

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Take your skills to the next level.

We look forward to helping you on your basketball journey!

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