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Become The Basketball Player Your Team Needs

We Get You Game Day Results



We help players transfer their training to game day results.

The Pro Lane is a basketball-only training facility that operates year-round. We don’t do workouts. We do development, and that requires a long-term commitment from our coaching staff, each player, and their families.


How Bucks’ Brook Lopez reinvented his 3-point shot with the help of ‘Noah’

‘There’s a training gym. It’s called The Pro Lane, Drew and Jake run it, two great guys.’ So I called them up, introduce myself and said, ‘Can we bring Brook over?’ And so we went over there.”

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Players Trust Us. Here's Why.

We teach players how to read the game, find solutions quickly, and execute skills under pressure. Players train to transfer the skills and IQ developed on the training court into game day results.


Players desire to be trained for the player they aspire to be, not the player they currently are. They are held to both the physical and mental standards required to perform at the highest levels of the game.

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The Layout

  • 6000 square feet

  • 4 Hoops / Skill stations

  • NBA lines + dimensions

  • Functional weight room + performance area

  • Dedicated film study area

  • Technology + analytics programming

Check us out in person!

1814 Dolphin Drive, Unit B, Waukesha, WI 53186

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Jake and Drew are the most professional trainers you’ll find. They are all about the work and creating game-like scenarios for their clients to get realistic reps. Every detail matters to them. It’s a no-brainer for me to work with them. I’ve been with them four years and counting and they are like family to me now.

Ty Sabin – 5 Year Professional Player

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