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Muskego Pro Lane

Offering basketball development programs to level up your game!

Shot Builders

About Shot Builders

  • Eligible for 4th grade and beyond 

  • Individualized 30-minute 1-on-1 shooting sessions

  • Combine shot tracking technology with specific coaching to build adaptable shooting mechanics

  • Shot tracking technology tracks every single shot and provides coaches with feedback on each make or miss

  • 5 Skill Credits

Group Shot Builders

About Group Shot Builders

  • Eligible for 4th - 7th grade Co-Ed

  • 30 minute shooting sessions with personalized coaching to develop your shot

  • Small group setting maximizes repetitions with the added benefit of decision-making elements

  • Group Shot Builders sessions do not utilize shot tracking technology

  • 3 skill credits

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 Plus Shooting Session

About Dr. Dish Shooting Session

  • Eligible for players in 4th grade and up

  • Get up 500 shots in 30 minutes

  • All shots tracked by the NOAH analytics system that the professionals use

  • Track stats from different shooting locations

  • Custom and on-demand skill-focused workouts​

  • Perfect complement to Shot Builders Sessions

  • 2 Skill Credits

Muskego Pro Lane Training Schedule

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